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Press Releases 2007

DAA questions why Ryanair continues to issue inaccurate statements about T2 and other passenger facilities at Dublin Airport

April 16 2007

The Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) calls on Ryanair to cease using inaccurate and misleading information about its plans to build a second terminal (T2) and other facilities at Dublin Airport.

The DAA questions why Ryanair is using inaccurate information to try to prevent or delay the delivery of urgently-required new infrastructure at Dublin Airport that will provide more space, comfort and choice to all passengers. Passengers and not airlines ultimately pay for this infrastructure through a small proportion of their airline fares. 

The DAA has planning permission to build T2 and subject to a positive and timely outcome to the current planning appeals process, will begin to build the new terminal towards the end of the summer.

The DAA wishes to rebut the latest batch of inaccurate information from Ryanair.

  • T2 will not cost €750m as Ryanair has stated for some months or even €800 as they advertised at the weekend. T2 will cost €395m at current prices. This price has been independently-verified as in line with the cost of equivalent facilities at other large European airports.
  • The DAA never put a cost of €200m on T2. In the summer of 2005 it put a possible cost on a notional terminal of about €200m. The only budgeted cost published by the DAA for the fully-designed, 75,000 sq m terminal it will build at Dublin Airport, is €395m.
  • Airport charges at Dublin Airport will not double to pay for T2. The Commission for Aviation Regulation has set Dublin Airport’s current maximum airport charge per passenger at €6.34. The DAA has sought an increase of just over €1 in the average airport charge over the next three years to pay for T2 and other new facilities, costing a total of €1.2bn. This requested average charge of €7.50 is significantly lower than the cost of many standard airline services. This charge would still leave Dublin Airport with the lowest charges of any major European airport.
  • No offer was ever refused by the DAA from Ryanair to become a tenant of T2. Ryanair never made an offer to become a tenant of T2 and withdrew from any meaningful consultation about T2 because it claimed, inaccurately, that the terminal was being built in the wrong place.
  • Delivery of T2 will not limit annual passenger volumes through Dublin Airport to 30m. The planning permission granted to the DAA for Dublin Airport states that planning must begin for delivery of a third terminal when passenger numbers reach 30m. T2 will deliver comfortable capacity for up to 35m passengers at Dublin Airport, thus providing up to 10 years of headroom for growth after 2009.

For information: 
Vincent Wall; Director Communication, DAA  (01)8144107,(087) 6860727

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