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Who's Who

There are many functions and services provided at Dublin Airport. Some of these are the responsibility of daa and some are the responsibility of other companies and agencies.

The following is a guide to who provides essential services at Dublin Airport. This guide will help you should you require further information on a particular service provider at Dublin Airport.

daa has overall responsibility for the provision, management and maintenance of all buildings and facilities at Dublin Airport and the day-to-day operation of the Airport.

Flight Information – Real time flight information can be obtained through the Dublin Airport automated telephone line (01) 814 1111.
Flight information can also be found in the terminal building itself on flight information display screens.

GNIB The Garda National Immigration Bureau is responsible for all state immigration-related Garda operations.They can be contacted on (01) 6664968

Customer Service Assistance (CRA) – CRAs can be found throughout the terminal building. Dressed in brightly coloured pink polo shirts they are there to help passengers on their way through the terminal building and to assist airlines and handling agents with their check-in queue management.  CRAs also provide advice on the EU Security Regulations concerning liquids and assist in managing passenger security screening queues when required.

Trolleys – There are over 4,000 baggage trolleys provided by the daa for passenger use throughout the terminal building.

Airport Police /
Airport Fire Service
- Dublin Airport Police and Dublin Airport Fire Service offer 24hrs security 365 days per year.

Lost Property – For information on Lost & Found Property please contact Airport Police on: (01) 814 5555

daa Stand Allocation – The Dublin Airport Stand Allocation department is responsible for allocating stands (gates) to aircraft once landed and wishing to embark or disembark passengers at Dublin Airport.

Airlines - There are currently 78 airlines operating to 206 routes from Dublin Airport. You will find a full listing of the airlines operating at Dublin Airport under the Flight Information section of this website.

Check-in and Passenger Boarding - Airlines and their designated handling agents have responsibility for the entire passenger check-in and boarding process. It is the airline or handling agent’s responsibility to ensure the correct passenger is boarding their aircraft. This is done by way of checking passports as passengers are about to board the aircraft.

Baggage Handling - Handling and transporting passenger baggage to and from the aircraft/terminal building is the sole responsibility of each individual airline or handling agent.

Handling Agents - Handling Agents offer management services to certain airlines such as check-in, baggage control, boarding and aircraft maintenance.

Garda (Police) - There is a Garda station on site at Dublin Airport. They can be contacted on: (01) 666 4950

ATC (Air Traffic Control)
The ATC, operated by the IAA (Irish Aviation Authority), is responsible for the control of the airspace over Ireland and therefore the arrival and departure of all aircraft at Dublin Airport.

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