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Travelling With Children


Be Prepared
Your hands will be full when travelling with children so before you start out on your journey, make sure you carry all your travel documents in one easily reached place, make sure your hand baggage meets security requirements before you leave home and work out whether you need to carry buggies to the aircraft or pack them in your checked-in baggage. Remember to keep everything that your baby needs on the flight in your carry-on luggage, ensuring that it is always to hand, bearing in mind the EU Aviation Security Regulations.


The Screening Process
  • All carry-on baggage, including children's bags and items, must go through the x-ray machine. Examples include: baby changing bags, blankets, toys and formula.
  • All child-related equipment that will fit through the x-ray machine must go through the x-ray machine – prams, buggies, baby carriers, car and booster seats
  • When you arrive at the screening point, collapse or fold your buggy /pram and place on the x-ray belt for inspection.
  • Items that are in the pockets, baskets, or trays attached to the prams/buggy must be removed and placed on the x-ray belt separately for inspection.
  • If any of your child-related equipment does not fit through the x-ray machine, security officers will visually and physically inspect it.
  • Medications, baby formula, milk and are allowed if essential for use during the trip

The Walk-Through Metal Detector

  • We have to screen everyone, regardless of age (even babies), before they can go through the security checkpoint. Everyone must walk through the metal detector
  • Remove babies and children from their prams/buggy or infant carriers so that all equipment is put through the X-Ray machine
  • If your child can walk without your assistance, we recommend that you and your child walk through the metal detector separately
  • You may pass the infant to another person (family member) behind you while you pass through the metal detector or carry the infant through the metal detector yourself
  • Metal detectors are considered safe for everyone, including pregnant women. The hand held wands that are sometimes passed over individual passengers are also safe. However if you would feel happier with a hand search please notify the Airport Security Unit official prior to walking through the metal detector as this can be arranged.

Allow Time

You may or may not be familiar with Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport but it will take you longer to get around the airport if you are travelling with children, so leave plenty of time to allow for making your way around.

Autism - A Guide To Travelling Through the Airport

Many individuals with autism can find travelling through the airport a very difficult and scary experience. For many individuals it represents a new experience which is difficult to understand and sometimes very frightening.

Click on the link to view a number of simple strategies that can be employed to help the individual with ASD to understand the process of getting through the airport.

As all individuals with autism learn and experience social situations in very different ways, selecting the strategy or combination of strategies that best suit the individual travelling with you is important. Select the strategy that best fits the individual’s level of understanding. Ensure that you practice using the strategy before you go the airport. This will help you implement it with confidence in the real life situation.

Baby Changing Facilities

Baby changing facilities are available in a number of locations around Terminal 2.

Family Friendly Facilities

There are two food courts one in the landside area, with various restaurant choices for children. There is also another food court in the airside area with a host of delicious restaurants and a great choice of menus.

Pure, the Terminal 2 pharmacy, is located after you have entered through security screening and stocks all essential pharmaceutical requirements and a variety of baby products.

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