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Environmental Corridors

Here you will find information regarding Dublin Airport and its surrounding air corridors

Environmental Corridors

In August 2003, new environmental air corridors were agreed by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA), Dublin Airport and the airlines based at the Airport, defining the airspace in the runway approaches where most aircraft are required to operate. These corridors were designed to minimise disturbance in neighbouring communities and extend in a straight line from the end of each runway out to distances ranging from five to six nautical miles.

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Of course there may be occasions when Air Traffic Control (ATC) may be required to route an aircraft outside these environmental air corridors. To assist us track any aircraft deviations from these designated air corridors and to help us investigate general noise complaints a free phone aircraft disturbance line is in place – 1-800-200-034 or fill in the on line complaint form. Every complaint regarding aircraft noise is logged, investigated and personally responded to. The NFTMS Analyst liaises regularly with the IAA on flight track monitoring and procedures.