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Engine Testing

Engine Testing

united airlines plane on runway
Current operating practice at Dublin Airport is to achieve a balance between the airlines’ airworthiness requirements and mitigating the noise impact on local communities arising from engine testing at the Airport. In that regard, there are controls governing where and when engine testing at Dublin Airport can be carried out.

Aircraft engine airworthiness and safety requirements necessitate engine testing to be carried out at regular intervals and as part of an aircraft maintenance programme. Engine test runs are a normal part of operations at any airport, including Dublin Airport.

Engine testing at ‘ground idle’ setting can take place subject to approval by the Airport Authority. For engine testing at ‘above idle’ there is a test site located at the northern boundary of the Airport. Dublin Airport permits only one aircraft at a time to test its engines at above idle settings.

Engine testing activity carried out at Dublin Airport is recorded with reference to date, time, aircraft operator, aircraft registration, aircraft type, duration and location of the test run