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COVID-19 Testing

Two private companies, RocDoc Health Check and Randox are providing RT-PCR COVID-19 testing and rapid/antigen testing at Dublin Airport. Both of these companies are government approved and provide Digital COVID Certificates. For details of other approved companies, please go to gov.ie and for details of antigen only test suppliers that are government approved and provide Digital COVID Certificates please click here.

*Please note COVID-19 tests at Dublin Airport need to be pre-booked in advance through the service providers. It is not possible to get a test without booking in advance. For more information on how to pre-book a COVID-19 test, please follow the details below. 



RocDoc Health Check  

  • Both facilities must be pre-booked:drive-thru (in-car) testing facility & walk-thru testing facility available.
  • RT-PCR test €95 with results in 24 hours.
  • Rapid Antigen test €49 with results within 1 hour.
  • Antibody test €69 with results in four working days – please note that this does not detect if an individual currently has Covid-19.

Two Locations:

Express Green Car Park:

The RocDoc Health Check drive-thru (in-car) testing facility at Dublin Airport is located in the Green Car Park. Click here for directions.*Please note pre-booking is essential.

Opening Hours:

08:00-19:00 daily

North Terminal:

The RocDoc North Terminal testing walk-thru facility is open 24 hours. *Please note this is a walk-thru service only and the drive-thru service is only available at the Green Car Park facility.


Booking Information:

To book please visit website: https://rocdochealthcheck.ie

You can also call RocDoc direct on tel: 01- 969 7893.

Opening Hours:

24 hours, Monday-Sunday. 

Directions from Terminal 1:

  • Please follow the directional signage from outside Terminal 1 on the departures level.
  • Walk northwest from Terminal 1 on the departures road, then take the second left just before the Garda Station and then the first right. Please see map below.
  • Alternatively you can find the North Terminal by following the co-ordinates on Google Maps here. *Pre-booking is preferred.
91405_ North_Terminal_Testing_Centre_Map_D4


  • Pre-booked appointments, tests performed in-clinic.
  • PCR test €59 with results available the next day.
  • Express PCR test €89 results in 1-3hours
  • Rapid Antigen test €35 with results available after one hour.
  • Antibody tests €49 with results available the following day.


The Randox Travel Centre is located close to the Terminal 2 Short Term multi-storey car park at Dublin Airport. Dedicated parking is available on Level 5 of the Terminal 2 Short Term multi-storey car park. *Please note pre-booking is essential.


  1. When arriving at the airport, follow the directional signage for Terminal 2 parking. A detailed video can be found here
  2. After you have parked in the dedicated area, take the lift down to the ground floor.
  3. When you come out the lift, turn to your left to exit the car park.
  4. You are now facing the back of the Randox Travel Centre. Cross the road and walk around the building to the Randox Travel Centre entrance.

Opening Hours:

02:00am-11:00pm daily


Please see website for more information on how to book: https://booking.randox.ie

You can also call the Randox booking helpline direct on tel: 0044 2894 343 005 

Alternative Off-site Testing Suppliers

In all cases, departing passengers must check the COVID-19 test and quarantine requirements for entry into the destination they are travelling to. Randox and RocDoc are the two lead COVID-19 test suppliers on-site at Dublin Airport.

There are off-site suppliers available, however we strongly advise passengers verify with their airline or destination State that these testing services fit entry requirements. For details of Government approved companies who provide Digital COVID Certificates and Antigen testing, click here and for RT-PCR testing, click here.

COVID-19 Testing FAQs

  • If you have proof of the valid vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 in the prior 6 months, you will not be required evidence of a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival. 
  • If you do not have proof of valid vaccination or recovery, only a negative RT-PCR result from a test taken within 72 hours of arrival, will be accepted. This can be in a paper or electronic format.
  • Accompanying children aged 11 and are exempt from the requirement to present a negative test.
  • For more information on this, please visit Gov.ie

Two private companies, Roc Doc Health Check and Randox offer RT-PCR and rapid Antigen COVID-19 testing at Dublin Airport. Both companies have been approved by the Irish Government to provide Digital COVID Certificates. For more information on how to pre-book a COVID-19 test, please click here.

The EU Digital COVID Certificate is a safe travel initiative for EU citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic. Its goal is to offer digital proof that a person has either been vaccinated against COVID-19, received a negative test result or has recovered from COVID-19 in the last six months. It is available in both digital and paper formats, will be free of charge and will be valid in all EU countries. For more information click here.


For the details of providers of COVID-19 tests, that are Government approved to provide Digital COVID Certificates, please go to gov.ie.

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