In 2007, An Bord Pleanála granted Dublin Airport planning permission to build a 3110 metre runway, 1.6km north of the existing main runway. Due to the economic downturn, the project was put on hold.

However, the recovery in the economy has seen passenger numbers reach record levels with 29.6 million passengers travelling through Dublin Airport in 2017 to over 180 destinations worldwide. As traffic has grown at Dublin Airport, the need to progress this project has become more important and immediate. The decision to progress the runway was taken in April 2016. 

North Runway will be delivered within the airport’s existing land bank, a result of years of careful planning which has allowed this land to be safeguarded for over 40 years. Construction began in December 2016 with the runway scheduled to be delivered by 2021. The project will support up to 1,200 jobs during the development phase as well as generating significant employment opportunities in the local supply chain for construction materials.

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North Runway and National Policy

Airports must plan for the long term. Investment in airport infrastructure requires long term planning to facilitate passenger growth and future demand for aviation services.

daa is responsible for ensuring compliance with aviation regulations and statutory obligations. The Air Navigation and Transport (Amendment) Act 1998; State Airports Act 2004 states that daa is mandated to: 

  • Manage, operate and develop the airport
  • Provide the services and facilities necessary for the operation, maintenance and development of the airport
  • Take all proper measures for the safe and secure operation of the airport 
  • Operate the airport in a commercial manner.

Therefore, it is daa’s responsibility to ensure that the infrastructure is sufficient to meet changing needs.

The development of a second runway has been mandated by the Government’s National Aviation Policy (NAP) for Ireland, published in August 2015. The Policy states that:

‘Existing capacity at State airports should be optimised in conjunction with timely planning to enable expansion of air service connections in all relevant markets delivering wider economic benefits for Ireland’.

Action 4.5.1 following on from that Policy Position states:

‘The process to develop the second runway at Dublin Airport will commence, to ensure the infrastructure necessary for the airport’s position as a secondary hub and operate to global markets without weight restrictions is available when needed’.

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