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We are conscious of the need to get the balance right in operating an international airport that facilitates over 29 million passengers with the needs of our local communities.

In this regard we meet regularly with different community groups through our community support and sponsorship programme and more formally the Dublin Airport Environmental Working Group and the St. Margaret's Community Liaison Group.

We understand that aircraft noise is very subjective and very personal to each individual. The level of aircraft noise is dependent on the type of aircraft and number of flights. While flight movements have recovered strongly since the recession, new aircraft technology has resulted in substantial reductions in aircraft noise.

A number of mitigation measures were proposed by Dublin Airport and conditioned by An Bord Pleanála as part of the 2007 planning permission for North Runway.  

These measures are:

Mode of Operation 

North Runway will be operated according to mode of operation Option 7b, which extends the concept of a noise preferred runway usage to the North Runway to lessen the impact of aircraft noise on local communities. In addition, the aircraft engine test site at the northern end of the airfield will be relocated to the centre of the airfield, away from populated neighbouring areas.

Voluntary Dwelling Purchase Scheme

At Dublin Airport, 69 dB LAeq,16h (based on an average summer day of activity) is the point at which the planning permission stipulates daa will offer to buy homes. Prior to the commencement of operation of the runway, an offer of purchase in accordance with the agreed scheme will have been made to all dwellings coming within the scope of the scheme and the offer will remain open for a period of 3 years from the commencement of use of the runway.

Insulation of  Homes and Schools

daa is complying in full with the condition attached to the planning permission for North Runway which requires the insulation of households within the predicted 63dB LAeq, 16-hour contour, a daytime threshold for noise mitigation also used at other airports.

A separate programme was launched in June 2017 for those dwellings impacted by current operations of the southern runway. Dublin Airport’s Home Sound Insulation Programme is available to dwellings that are located in the 2016 63dB LAeq, 16-hour noise contour. Dublin Airport has voluntarily implemented this new programme and has also committed to revisit those dwellings which were insulated as part of an earlier 1990s insulation scheme associated with southern runway operations.

Dublin Airport’s insulation schemes compare favourably to those at other airports as all costs associated with the procurement and installation of the insulation works will be met by Dublin Airport. Some airports provide only replacement windows or secondary glazing, while others offer only partial grants towards works which residents then arrange to have undertaken themselves. Dublin Airport’s insulation schemes apply to all living areas, whereas some airports only offer insulation for certain rooms in the house.

Residents whose dwellings fall within the relevant contours and are eligible for the schemes have been contacted directly and over 95% of those eligible for Phase 1 of the Schemes have confirmed their consent to having the works undertaken. Over 200 local residences are eligible for insulation under these schemes, representing over three times the number of houses Dublin Airport is conditioned to insulate under North Runway’s planning permission.

Proposed Change to Permitted Operations

daa is seeking to retain the existing operational flexibility that currently pertains at Dublin Airport to ensure that it can continue to facilitate the operational requirements of the sector, enhance connectivity for Ireland’s island economy and create and support new jobs. Achieving the most appropriate balance between the needs of a growing airport that serves as a major transport hub for millions of business and leisure passengers and the requirements of our nearest neighbours provides an ongoing challenge for Dublin Airport as it does for all airports of its size.

In this context, daa will also consider mitigations it could put in place, should the change to permitted operations be implemented. These may include insulation measures for dwellings located in 55dB LAeq, 8h night and 60dB LAeq,16h day contours. All stakeholders were invited to provide their views on these and any other operational or environmental initiatives that they would like to have considered as part of the public consultation which took place between October and December 2016. Click here for further information on the outcome of this consultation process.

Ultimately daa’s proposals will be subject to scrutiny by the appointed Competent Authority overseeing the delivery of the new approach to airport noise management.

Additional Resources

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A brochure on Measuring, Managing and Mitigating Airport Noise is also available by clicking here.

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