Security Checklist

Useful advice to get you through security quicker

Step 1: Hand luggage screening

  • Place laptops and large electrical items separately in a tray
  • Keep coins, keys, mobile phones and other small items in your coat or hand baggage
  • Place your hand baggage and coat into a tray
  • Place any liquid items (see EU Liquids Regulations) which are correctly bagged, into the tray
  • Pushchairs, wheelchairs and walking aids will be thoroughly hand searched and will be subject to further screening
  • You can significantly speed up the process and reduce waiting times if you have these items ready as far as possible before reaching the screening checkpoint


security image 2

Security Screening Area T2 Medium

Step 2: Go through the metal detector

  • When the security staff member indicates that you should do so, please move quickly through the metal detector
  • If the metal detector sounds an alarm, upon your permission a follow-up body search will be made to identify the object that triggered the alarm
  • The Metal Detector may sound an alarm as you are randomly chosen for an ETD (explosive trace detection)
  • To save time it is therefore advisable whenever possible to remove all metal objects from your person and place in the tray for screening

Step 3: Manual Follow-Up Screening

  • If an item in your hand luggage is not readily identifiable during screening, a  hand search follow-up check will be carried out on the contents of the bag in your presenc.
  • This involves opening the bag and identifying the item in question
  • Liquids which have not been removed from baggage before screening will be removed from the baggage checked and if permissible will be rescreened separately from the baggage
  • If you are carrying cameras, laptops or other large electrical devices, that you did not remove before screening you will be asked to remove from your baggage for seperate re-screening
  • Your bag may be randomly chosen for an ETD (explosive trace detection) check



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