Live Departures

All of the up to date information you need on flights departing from Dublin Airport

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Last updated at: 15:28 on 19/10/2018

Please note Live Flight information is issued based on information provided by airlines. Times of Arrival and Departure are subject to change by airlines. Dublin Airport cannot accept responsibility for any inaccuracies.

Flight No. Status  
T2 Chicago EI123 Departed 11:45
T2 Boston EI137 Departed 11:43
T1 Keflavik FI417 Departed 11:59
T1 Copenhagen FR632 Departed 12:02
T1 Keflavik WW853 Departed 11:45
T2 Manchester EI204 Departed 12:01
T2 Birmingham EI266 Departed 12:17
T2 Stuttgart EI358 Departed 12:27
T1 London-STN FR2272 Departed 12:09
T2 London-LHR EI164 Departed 12:10
T2 Nice EI544 Departed 12:11
T1 Southampton BE384 Departed 12:22
T1 Cologne/Bonn EW397 Departed 12:56
T1 Frankfurt LH979 Departed 12:32
T1 Dusseldorf EW9395 Departed 12:30
T2 Vienna EI664 Departed 12:41
T1 Eindhoven FR1964 Departed 13:03
T2 Prague EI644 Departed 12:40
T1 Toronto YYZ AC843 Departed 13:12
T2 Chicago UA153 Departed 12:29
T2 Copenhagen D83607 Departed 13:02
T2 San Francisco EI147 Departed 12:54
T2 Washington EI119 Departed 12:47
T1 Edinburgh FR816 Departed 12:40
T1 Inverness LM664 Departed 12:44
T2 Kerry EI3204 Departed 12:47
T2 Geneva EI684 Departed 13:08
T2 London-LGW EI236 Departed 12:46
T1 London-LGW FR122 Departed 13:03
T1 Oslo SK4604 Departed 13:08
T2 Washington UA127
T1 London-LHR BA835 Departed 13:01
T2 Bordeaux EI506 Departed 13:20
T2 Newark EI101 Departed 14:00
T1 Cologne/Bonn FR8035 Departed 13:10
T2 Toulouse EI532 Departed 13:09
T1 Madrid FR3978 Departed 13:10
T2 Lyon-Saint Exupery EI552 Departed 13:18
T2 Edinburgh EI3254 Departed 13:31
T2 Donegal EI3402 Departed 13:20
T1 Brussels FR1454 Departed 13:21
T1 London - LCY WX118 Departed 13:18
T1 Amsterdam KL936 Departed 13:47
T2 Glasgow EI3224 Departed 13:48
T2 Brussels EI634 Departed 13:37
T1 Birmingham FR670 Departed 13:54
T1 Tours FR2993 Departed 13:42
T2 Philadelphia EI115 Departed 14:01
T2 Amsterdam EI608 Departed 13:54
T2 London-LHR EI166 Departed 14:13
T1 Luxembourg LG4886 Departed 13:37
T2 Toronto YYZ EI129 Departed 14:20
T2 Paris-CDG EI526 Departed 14:02
T2 Dubai EK162 Departed 13:54
T1 Manchester FR562 Departed 15:08
T1 CLJ 0B3756 Departed 13:59
T1 Glasgow FR5774 Departed 14:09
T2 Bristol EI3284 Departed 14:15
T1 Zurich LX407 Departed 14:19
T1 Lisbon FR7138 Departed 14:28
T1 Paris-CDG AF1817 Departed 14:32
T2 Hartford EI131 Departed 14:32
T1 London - LCY BA4473 Departed 14:27
T1 Stuttgart FR8998 Departed 14:28
T2 Edinburgh EI3256 Departed 14:20
T1 Tenerife FR7122 Departed 15:05
T1 Berlin FR8558 Departed 14:37
T2 London-LHR EI168 Departed 14:52
T2 Lanzarote EI778 Departed 14:48
T2 Newburgh D81763 Departed 14:29
T2 Providence D81823 Departed 14:56
T1 Murcia FR7094 Departed 14:56
T1 Liverpool FR1442
T1 Bristol FR506 Departed 14:53
T2 Glasgow EI3226 Departed 15:11
T2 Miami EI141 Departed 15:12
T2 Los Angeles EI145 Departed 15:21
T1 Bucharest FR7346 Departed 15:02
T2 London-LGW EI238 Departed 15:21
T1 Barcelona VY8721
T1 London-LHR BA837
T1 Memmingen FR2412
T1 Porto FR7072
T2 Gran Canaria EI782
T1 Doha QR018
T1 London-STN FR294
T1 Amsterdam FR3104
T2 Birmingham EI3274
T1 London-LGW FR116
T2 Rome EI406
T2 Manchester EI210
T1 London - LCY WX122
T2 London-LHR EI174
T2 Seattle EI143
T2 Chicago EI125
T1 London-LTN FR337
T1 London - LCY BA4467
T1 Naples FR6840
T1 Leeds Bradford FR156
T1 Cardiff BE4526
T2 New York EI109
T1 Birmingham FR672
T2 Malaga EI586
T2 Isle Of Man EI3216
T2 Boston EI139
T2 Munich EI356
T1 Southampton BE386
T1 London-LHR BA829
T1 London-STN FR211
T1 Istanbul TK1978
T1 Rome FR9434
T1 Paris-CDG AF1117
T1 London - SEN BE6256
T1 Manchester FR556
T1 Faro FR7032
T1 London-LGW FR142
T1 Krakow FR1901
T1 Munich FR8996
T1 London - LCY BA4469
T2 London-LHR EI176
T2 Frankfurt EI656
T1 Budapest FR1023
T2 Aberdeen EI3244
T1 Barcelona FR6395
T1 Edinburgh FR814
T1 Tenerife TOM1580
T1 Paphos FR3332
T2 Faro EI498
T1 Amsterdam KL938
T2 Hamburg EI394
T1 Madrid FR7156
T1 Nice FR1958
T1 Munich LH2521
T2 Dusseldorf EI698
T2 Bristol EI3286
T2 London-LGW EI244
T2 Zurich EI348
T2 Berlin EI338
T1 Wroclaw FR1926
T1 Kaunas FR2971
T1 Liverpool FR446
T1 Frankfurt LH981
T1 Malaga FR7054
T2 Edinburgh EI3258
T1 Milan-BGY FR4844
T2 London-LHR EI178
T1 London - LCY WX126
T1 Brussels FR1456
T1 Stockholm SK2566
T1 Prague FR7326
T2 Amsterdam EI610
T1 Bydgoszcz FR1892
T2 Brussels EI638
T2 Milan EI436
T2 Helsinki D8495
T2 Glasgow EI3228
T2 Paris-CDG EI528
T1 Palma FR9997
T2 Lisbon EI486
T2 Alicante EI574
T2 Barcelona EI564
T2 Donegal EI3408
T2 Kerry EI3208
T2 Malaga EI588
T1 London-STN FR288
T2 Manchester EI212
T2 Palma EI738
T1 Barcelona FR3977
T1 Amsterdam FR3006
T2 London-LHR EI182
T1 Manchester FR1556
T1 Madrid I23791
T2 Leeds Bradford EI3394
T1 London-LGW FR118
T2 Birmingham EI276
T1 Brussels South FR046
T1 Luxembourg LG4884
T1 Paris-BVA FR026
T1 Faro FR9370
T1 Edinburgh FR818
T1 Zadar FR7312
T1 Bristol FR508
T1 East Midlands FR536
T1 Abu Dhabi EY048
T1 London - LCY BA4471
T1 Paris-Orly TO3609
T1 London-LHR BA823
T2 London-LHR EI184
T1 London-STN FR272
T2 Oslo DY1363
T1 Manchester FR558
T1 Glasgow FR5776
T1 Birmingham FR666
T1 London - SEN BE6258
T1 Amsterdam KL942
T1 London-LHR BA839
T1 Southampton BE388
T1 Newcastle FR174
T1 Liverpool FR448
T1 Exeter BE308
T2 London-LHR EI186
T1 Birmingham FR668
T1 London-STN FR298
T1 London-LTN FR342
T1 Cardiff BE4528
T2 Dubai EK164
T1 Chisinau 9U832
T2 Alicante EI572
T1 Frankfurt LH983
T1 Amsterdam KL932
T1 Paris-CDG AF1017
T1 Munich FR8994
T1 Lodz FR1978
T2 Amsterdam EI602
T1 Barcelona FR6875
T1 Lanzarote FR7124
T1 Milan-BGY FR9428
T2 Madrid EI592
T2 Rome EI402
T1 Paris-BVA FR022
T1 Birmingham FR662
T1 London-STN FR202
T1 Madrid FR7256
T1 Edinburgh FR812
T2 Leeds Bradford EI3390
T2 Birmingham EI262
T2 Manchester EI202
T2 London-LHR EI152
T1 London-LGW FR120
T1 Brussels FR1452
T1 Manchester FR552
T1 Bristol FR504
T2 Edinburgh EI3250
T2 Paris-CDG EI520
T1 Basel FR7356
T2 Bristol EI3280
T1 Lisbon FR7328
T2 Barcelona EI562
T2 Berlin EI330
T2 Dusseldorf EI692
T1 Rome FR9432
T2 Brussels EI630
T2 Hamburg EI392
T2 Glasgow EI3220
T1 Alicante FR7762
T2 Aberdeen EI3240
T2 Frankfurt EI650
T2 Milan EI432
T2 London-LGW EI230
T2 Malaga EI582
T1 Liverpool FR442
T2 Munich EI352
T2 Naples EI450
T2 Zurich EI342
T1 Reus FR1116
T1 Glasgow FR5772
T1 Carcassonne FR1984
T1 London - LCY BA4461
T2 Venice EI422
T1 Amsterdam FR3100
T1 Malaga FR7044
T2 Lanzarote EI776
T2 Faro EI490
T1 London-LHR BA831
T2 London-LHR EI154
T1 London-LGW FR112
T2 Dubrovnik EI446
T2 Lisbon EI482
T1 Fuerteventura FR7128
T2 Edinburgh EI3550
T1 Leeds Bradford FR152
T1 London - LCY WX104
T1 East Midlands FR534
T1 Paris-Orly TO3601
T2 Newburgh D81842
T1 London-LTN FR332
T1 London-STN FR206
T1 St. Johns WS017
T2 London-LHR EI156
T1 Cardiff BE4522
T1 Luxembourg LG4882
T1 Sofia FR6016
T2 London-LGW EI232
T1 Ibiza FR9177
T1 London - SEN BE6252
T1 Doha QR020
T2 New York AA291
T1 Amsterdam KL934
T1 Toulouse ABR490
T2 Newcastle EI3350
T1 Tel-Aviv AP8115
T1 London-LHR BA833
T1 Frankfurt LH977
T1 Bratislava FR4282
T1 Southampton BE382
T2 Newark UA022
T1 Hamburg FR8511
T2 Isle Of Man EI3212
T1 Faro FR7034
T1 Copenhagen FR632
T1 Seville FR7146
T1 Abu Dhabi EY042
T2 London-LHR EI158
T2 Paris-CDG EI522
T1 Budapest FR1023
T1 Newcastle FR172
T2 Manchester EI3322
T2 Charlotte AA725
T2 Edinburgh EI3252
T2 Chicago AA209
T2 Glasgow EI3222
T1 Bucharest 0B156
T1 Malaga FR7046
T1 Tallinn FR1796
T1 Alicante FR7062
T1 London - LCY WX112
T1 Copenhagen SK538
T2 Amsterdam EI604
T2 Boston DL155
T2 Birmingham EI3264
T1 Manchester FR554
T1 Munich LH2515
T1 London-LHR BA827
T2 New York EI105
T1 Istanbul TK1976
T2 Atlanta DL177
T1 Stockholm SK536
T1 Amsterdam KL946
T1 London-LGW FR114
T1 Amsterdam FR3102
T2 London-LHR EI162
T2 Bristol EI3282
T1 Beijing HU750
T1 Zurich LX401
T1 Paris-CDG AF1717
T2 Philadelphia AA723
T2 Newquay EI3930
T1 Frankfurt FR1948
T2 New York DL045
T2 Boston EI137
T2 Chicago EI123
T1 Birmingham FR664
T1 Biarritz FR1982
T1 Keflavik WW853
T2 Verona EI412
T2 Manchester EI204
T1 London-STN FR2272
T1 Hong Kong CX306
T2 Stuttgart EI358
T2 London-LHR EI164
T2 Nice EI544
T1 Toulouse WX9360
T1 Eindhoven FR1964
T1 Frankfurt LH979
T2 Vienna EI664
T1 Toronto YYZ AC843
T2 Chicago UA153
T1 Inverness LM664
T2 San Francisco EI147
T2 Washington EI119
T1 Edinburgh FR816
T1 Milan-BGY FR4038
T2 Kerry EI3204
T1 Naples FR6840
T2 Geneva EI684
T1 Southampton BE384
T1 London-LHR BA835
T2 Washington UA127
T2 Newark EI101
T1 Cologne/Bonn FR8035
T2 Santiago EI742
T2 Lyon-Saint Exupery EI552
T1 Toronto YYZ TS333
T1 Stuttgart FR8998
T2 Edinburgh EI3254
T2 Donegal EI3402
T1 Nantes FR1986
T2 Bilbao EI748
T1 Amsterdam KL936
T1 Birmingham FR670
T2 Philadelphia EI115
T2 London-LHR EI166
T2 Toronto YYZ EI129
T2 London-LGW EI236
T2 Paris-CDG EI526
T1 Pisa FR9908
T2 Dubai EK162
T1 Manchester FR562
T1 Dusseldorf EW9395
T2 Glasgow EI3226
T1 London-LHR BA829
T1 Venice FR9452
T1 Paris-CDG AF1817
T2 Hartford EI131
T1 Chania-Souda FR7354
T1 Larnaca CO683 Cancelled
T2 Edinburgh EI3256
T1 Gran Canaria FR7126
T2 Newburgh D81763
T2 Lanzarote EI778
T2 London-LHR EI168
T2 Tenerife EI764
T1 Murcia FR7094
T1 Bremen FR2906
T2 Los Angeles EI145
T2 Orlando EI121
T1 Bristol FR506
T1 Barcelona VY8721
T2 Oslo DY1363
T1 Berlin FR8558
T1 Malta FR7242
T2 Gran Canaria EI782