Important Security Information

Save time and have a smoother journey by preparing correctly and ensuring that all items in your hand luggage meet security requirements.

Before travel, prepare your Liquids, Gels, Sprays & Pastes using these four simple rules:.

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Below you will find more detailed information on the restrictions and permitted exceptions at Security Screening

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Permitted Items Guidelines:

  • Special dietary requirement/ baby food or baby milk: you can bring enough for the duration of the flight(s)
  • Prescription liquid medicines: you may be asked for documentation, e.g. prescription or doctor's letter
  • Liquids purchased after Security Screening in an airport or on a flight: these are permitted provided they are presented in an official, sealed security bag with the receipt of purchase. 

If you need to bring liquids, gels, sprays and pastes in quantities larger than 100ml, you must place them in your checked in baggage, unless they fall into the above exceptions.

Restrictions apply even when you intend to check in your bag in at the boarding gate. 

Watch our Security Preparation Video