Customs & Immigration

Below you will find helpful information on Customs & Immigration at Dublin Airport


Border Management Unit at Dublin Airport

Immigration and border controls at Dublin Airport are fully maintained by the Border Management Unit (BMU), which is under the directorship of the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) of the Department of Justice and Equality.

If your query relates to immigration control at Dublin Airport only, you should contact the BMU directly by:

Useful information is available on

Customs at Dublin Airport

EU arrivals

If your journey was entirely within the EU, use the blue channel after reclaiming your baggage. Customs officers will monitor this area and may operate checks. If you have something to declare to Customs, you should go to the red point.

Non-EU arrivals

After reclaiming your baggage, you will be required to clear customs. Duty and tax-free allowances are indicated within the Customs Hall.

  • Use the red point to declare goods in excess of the allowance and commercial goods
  • Use the green channel if you have nothing to declare in excess of the allowance. Do not use the blue channel. If in doubt, use the red point.

For a detailed breakdown of personal allowances for European Union or Non-European Union travel consult the Revenue website.