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How to prepare for security screening

For liquids, gels, pastes and sprays, please follow these simple tips:

  • Size it: containers of max 100ml
  • Bag it: only 1 x 1 litre clear plastic bag per person
  • Separate it: a sealed bag separate from hand baggage
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Other advice for security screening

Please watch our security preparation video below and follow these top tips.

  • Ideally bring only one cabin bag per person. Remember to check your airline’s cabin baggage rules.
  • Please have electronic devices out in a security tray, along with coins, wallets, belts and metallic strap watches.
  • If you need to remove jewellery, please put it in your bag.
  • Any oversized garments, which may conceal additional items or the outline of your person, will have to be removed for Security screening. Please remove the top, be it an over-sized hoodie, jumper, jacket or sweater and place in the tray for screening.
  • Any shoes, runners or boots that are at ankle height or higher, such as runner boots or sock boots, will have to be removed, to place in the tray for Security screening.
  • Ideally do not carry any sharp items, however if you do have sharp items such as a small nail scissors, it must be less than 6cm in size and then it will be allowed. Anything above 6cm is not allowed in carry on hand baggage.

Security screening opening hours and when to arrive for your flight

  • Security in T1 is now open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
  • Security in T2 opens at 04.00, so people flying from T2 should factor this in.
  • We advise passengers to arrive at their terminal 2 hours before their scheduled departure time for short-haul flights, and 3 hours before long-haul flights.
  • If you are checking bags or travelling in a group you should allow more time. Always consult your airline for check-in in desk and bag drop opening hours.
  • You can also view check-in times by airline and by Terminal here.

Summary of all rules for liquids, gels, sprays and pastes at security

four s security rule

Liquids allowed

Please follow the below infographic for more information on the restricted and allowed liquids at security screening. Please ask a Security Officer for an allowed liquids tray for medicines or baby food or special dietary liquids of plus 100ml.

permitted liquids airport security

For a full list of all security FAQs, click here.

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