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How to prepare for Security screening


For liquids, gels, pastes and sprays, please follow these simple tips:

  • Size it: containers of max 100ml
  • Bag it: only 1 x 1 litre clear plastic bag per person
  • Separate it: a sealed bag separate from hand baggage
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Other advice for Security screening

Please watch our security preparation video below and follow these top tips.

  • Ideally bring only one cabin bag per person. Remember to check your airline’s cabin baggage rules.
  • Please have electronic devices out in a security tray, along with shoes or boots, jackets, coins, wallets, belts and metallic strap watches.
  • If you need to remove jewellery, please put it in your bag.
  • Ideally do not carry any sharp items, however if you do have sharp items such as a small nail scissors, it must be less than 6cm in size and then it will be allowed. Anything above 6cm is not allowed in carry on hand baggage.
  • Please watch our video

Security screening opening hours and when to arrive for your flight

  • Security in T1 is now open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
  • Security in T2 opens at 04.00, so people flying from T2 should factor this in.
  • We advise that you allow 2 hours before a short-haul flight, and 3 hours before a long-haul flight.
  • If checking a bag, verify your airline’s check-in & bag drop desk opening times, and if possible, allow up to one hour of additional time to check in luggage.
  • You can also view check-in times by airline and by Terminal here

Please see below additional tips to help you prepare for Security screening, and a link to our overall Dublin Airport FAQs including COVID-19 travel related queries (travel advice page

Summary of all rules for liquids, gels, sprays and pastes at Security

four s security rule

Liquids allowed

Please follow the below infographic for more information on the restricted and allowed liquids at Security screening. Please ask a Security Officer for an allowed liquids tray for medicines or baby food or special dietary liquids of plus 100ml.

permitted liquids airport security

For a full list of all Security FAQs please click here

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