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US Preclearance Lounge - 51st & Green

51st&Green is a relaxed, friendly and fun lounge designed to make the most of your USA travel time.

Dublin airport lounge

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**Please note the 51st&Green Lounge will remain closed until further notice.

Located in Terminal 2 after US Preclearance and beside the US departure gates, this Lounge is the perfect retreat away from the bustling Terminal and somewhere to enjoy a few hours of rest and relaxation before your long-haul flight.

Lounge access is priced at €35 p/p online or €39 at reception and is complimentary to business class ticket holders.


Lounge access includes

Barista Coffee 51st and green
  • Drinks, snacks & fresh Irish dishes with an American twist.
  • Barista coffee and cocktails.
  • High speed Wi-Fi to download in-flight entertainment.
  • Entertainment screen with live sports.
  • Quiet space to work with multiple charging units.
  • Shower facilities to freshen up before your flight.
  • Breath-taking runway views.

Our Airline Partners

51st and Green Partner airlines


Please contact your airline directly if you have a query regarding your entitlements.

This is the Lounge located after US Preclearance and at the end of the corridor of the US gates. 

The maximum length of the stay is 3 hours. 

The charge is €35.00 per person if you pre-book online. The charge will be €39.00 per person if you walk up to reception when you are at the airport.

  • Go to the Lounges Page.
  • Enter in the date and time you are travelling and select 51st&Green before clicking on ‘Book now’.
  • Select your preferred time on the following page.
  • Fill in the names of the passengers and your email address and follow the instructions on the payment page.

The 51st&Green Lounge is currently closed until further notice.

If you pre-booked online, please bring your email booking confirmation. Or you can pay at reception as a walk up.  

The 51st&Green Lounge is located after US Preclearance, just at the end of the US Gates corridor. 

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