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Connections Guide

The video below will show you how quick and easy it is to connect at Dublin Airport.

With our Flight Connections Hosts and all gates under one roof, connecting between your flights has never been easier.

Follow our easy to follow guide to make your flight connection at Dublin Airport as easy as possible. 

Before you fly

Plane taking off in  to the Sky

To ensure a smooth connection at Dublin Airport, please make sure you have your boarding pass for your onward flight from Dublin otherwise you may have to exit and re-check in with your airline.

Aer Lingus passengers can be issued their boarding pass at the Aer Lingus connections desk at Flight Connections.

When you land

Green Flight connections sign

When you land, follow the signs for Flight Connections.

Please have your entire documentation (passport and boarding card) ready for inspection.

Proceed through Flight Connections. Download our Flight Connections Guide below.

Link will open in a new window Flight Connection Guide PDF 4170 KB

Finding your gate

Flight Information Display Board

Your flight number is on your boarding pass.

Please consult the Flight Information Display Screens to locate your gate and further instructions.

For flights to the USA, follow signs for US Preclearance.

Flight Connections Route Map

Go to your gate

US Preclearance Gate Signage

Having identified your gate number number, follow the signage and proceed to your gate.

Enjoy your flight and onward destination.

Flight Connection FAQS

No, self-connecting passengers will be unable to use the flight connection facility.

Transfer process minimum connection time of 45 minutes to permit the movement of passengers and the baggage to the departing aircraft. Additional time is allowed for transatlantic flights, 75 minutes to connect a short-haul flight with a transatlantic and 60 minutes to connect a transatlantic flight with a short-haul flight.

No, as the terminals are a short walking distance between each other.
US Preclearance

Find out all you need to know about US Preclearance at Dublin Airport.

Self-Connecting Passengers

All the information you need to know about self-connecting at Dublin Airport

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