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An Orchestra of Light

March 25, 2021 Back to all news

A spectacular aerial light show – featuring a swarm of 500 drones animating the skies of Dublin was created in order to wish the world a Happy St Patrick’s Day. The film, entitled Orchestra of Light was created by St Patrick’s Festival, Tourism Ireland and Dublin City Council. Orchestra of Light tells a story of Ireland’s global influence, and how a small island on the edge of Europe has spread its culture and traditions across the world. 

In the film, the drones light up the night sky, illuminating some of Dublin’s well-known landmarks such as the Samuel Beckett bridge over the River Liffey. 

Symbols of Ireland’s world-famous traditional music and dance culture, normally a central part of St Patrick’s Day celebrations on the island of Ireland, play out over Dublin skies in this spectacular light show. The drones swarm into the image of a globe turning green and formations of Celtic art, before wishing the world a Happy St Patrick’s Day in an explosion of glowing shamrocks.