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Performance Data

Our partners continued success is at the heart of everything we do. We go beyond by sharing our rich resource of data and insights from our comprehensive and continuous programme of primary research, with our airlines and partners, to help inform their business.

Whether that’s detailed profile information from our quantitative Passenger Tracking Study or bespoke qualitative research to explore areas of interest in greater depth, we provide a vital tool for excellence in airline planning, including route performance, product development and market dynamics. See some examples below of insight infographic reports we have shared over the last few years:

passenger profile infograph Dublin Airport DUB+ Full Year Passenger Insights 2018 PDF 1185 KB Dublin Airport DUB+ Full Year Passenger Insights 2017 PDF 402 KB Dublin Airport DUB+ Rise of the Skilled Worker Q1 2018 PDF 542 KB Dublin Airport DUB+ Who's Travelling Profile 2018 PDF 142 KB Dublin Airport DUB+ Age is but a number Q1-Q3 2018 PDF 487 KB