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Airport Charges

Dublin Airport is regulated by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) (formerly the Commission for Aviation Regulation), under the Aviation Regulation Act 2001 as amended by the Air Navigation and Transport Act 2022, in accordance with the EU Airport Charges Directive and guided by the International Civil Aviation Organisation policies. The IAA imposes price cap regulation via regulatory determinations that it reviews every five years. The recent Final Decision on the Third Interim Review of the 2019 Determination covers the period 2023-2026. Dublin Airport consults with airport users on the suite of airport charges comprising the annual price caps in a process that is overseen by the IAA each year. 

At Dublin Airport, we believe it is important that airlines and passengers are aware of the various charges that airlines incur each year for the use of infrastructure such as runways and passenger terminals. These charges are typically paid indirectly by passengers via the airline ticket price or by freight customers via an associated fee. Airport charges include but are not limited to the following: 

This includes both take-off and landing charges, which are linked to the weight of the aircraft. 

This charge relates to the passenger processing service. The provision of certain airport security is also consolidated into this charge.

A parking charge applies from the actual time of arrival (landed time) to the actual time of departure (airborne time) minus 30 minutes as recorded in the Dublin Airport Operations System database. 

This charge is applied to all airbridge-compatible aircraft occupying an airbridge served stand. 

This charge relates to passengers who arrive in Dublin Airport and depart on a second flight that is not more than 12 hours after the scheduled time of arrival of the first flight. 

This includes a fee for the provision of services to persons with reduced mobility. 

This charge is levied on all airline passengers who avail of the Fast Track security product. 

For more information on Airport Charges, please refer to the document below titled 'Dublin Airport 2023 Including Terms & Conditions’ which is updated annually following consultation with airport users in accordance with the Airport Charges Directive.