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Car Park Booking FAQs

Here you will find a list of car parking frequently asked questions

General car park FAQs

Are there any restrictions on the type of vehicle I bring to the car park?

  • The Long Term car parks and Short Term car park accommodate standard family cars, SUVs etc.
  • Vehicles are subject to height restrictions in the short-term multi-storey car parks
  • We do not accommodate large commercial vehicles or vehicles with trailers attached

Are there any height restrictions in place in the car park?

Different height restrictions apply in different car parks:

  • No height restrictions apply in the Long Term car parks
  • The maximum permitted height in the Short Term car park is 2.1m (T2 Multi-storey), 1.85m (Terminal 1 A, B & C)

How can I make a complaint?

I have booked a valet with my car park booking, where can I find more information about NoH20 valet?

How do I know my car is secure while I'm away?

  • Before leaving your vehicle you must ensure that it is locked and its contents are secured. For information on the car park terms and conditions click here

What happens if my car gets damaged while I'm away?

  • Please see the standard terms and conditions (click here) as set out on the pre-booking pages of the website and also the disclaimer notices prominently positioned at the entrance to the car parks

What happens if my car won't start when I return?

  • A 24hr vehicle assistance service operates in the car parks at Dublin Airport. please contact +353 1 8144828

I haven’t pre-booked online, can I still use the car park facilities?

  • Yes you can still use the car park facilities even if you have not pre-booked online

What are the prices for arriving at the car park without booking online?

Drive up parking rates are as follows:

  • €3.00 – first hour
  • €4.50 per hour - additional hours
  • €40.00 – Maximum daily rates

What happens if I bring a different car to the one identified when making my booking online?

  • You must insert the same credit/debit card used to make the online booking and the system will then identify your booking and raise the barrier
  • You are also required to enter the same credit/debit card at the exit when leaving the car park

What happens if my car licence plate is not recognised at the entry or exit barrier of my pre-booked car park?

  • In the event that the barrier does not lift, insert the same card you used to make your booking into the card slot in the entry or exit terminal
  • To avoid an additional charge, please do not press the button for a ticket. An issued ticket will mean the system will assume that you have no pre-booked reservation

What do I need to bring with me when travelling to the car park?

  • Please bring the following with you to in order to ensure your online booking is recognised:
  • Take the same car whose licence plate details you provided when making the booking
  • Bring the same credit or debit card used to make the booking

What do I need to do when I arrive at my pre-booked car park?

  • Drive to your pre-booked car park
  • Stop at the entry barrier
  • The system will read your vehicle licence plate and once it matches the licence plate details provided in your online booking the barrier will automatically lift

What happens if I arrive at the entry to my pre-booked car park and a sign says that it's full?

  • The "Full" sign is for the information of customers who have not pre-booked their parking online

What happens if I arrive before the entry time I specified when making my booking online?

  • The system will recognise your pre-booking up to two hours in advance of your expected time of arrival and up to 12 hours following your expected time of arrival
    e.g if you booked to arrive at 10am the system will recognise your booking and allow you to enter the car park at anytime between 8am and 10pm on the pre-booked arrival day

What happens if I bring a different credit card to the card I used to make my booking online?

  • If you insert a different card to the one used to make the online booking the system will process this as a separate transaction
  • You will be allowed to enter the car park
  • However, at the exit barrier the second card will be charged the parking fee based on the then current drive up fee
  • Your pre-booked transaction will be treated as a 'no-show' and your pre-booking may still be charged to your card account
  • It is important therefore that you bring the same card used to make the booking
  • Please contact if you have further queries

Which parking is the closest to the airport?

Which are the long-term parking options at Dublin Airport?

Online Booking FAQs

Making your car park booking online

How do I book online?

  1. Log on to or
  2. Select your dates and time for your travel.
  3. Click on the "Book Now" button.
  4. The system will check parking availability for the dates and times specified by you and, if parking is available, will
  5. Select a preferred car park and continue to the personal details page.
  6. Enter your payment details and process the payment. Once all the details are correct you will receive a booking confirmation.

How do I know my booking has been accepted?

  • On completion of the booking process you will
  • Receive your booking confirmation notice while you are still online
  • Receive an email confirmation at the email address you provided when making the online booking
  • These confirmations set out the details of your booking and include your unique booking reference number.

Is it possible to amend or cancel a booking?

  • It is possible to amend or cancel a booking. To do so go to the "Manage My Booking" section, located under 'Parking' on the Dublin Airport Car Parks homepage.You will need the booking reference number from your booking confirmation and the email address you provided during the booking process in order to access this file. You can amend/cancel your booking up to 6 hours in advance of your car park entry date and time.

How close to my date/time of travel can I pre-book car parking?

  • The system will accept pre-bookings up to 3 hours prior to the expected time of arrival at the selected car park.

How far in advance can I pre-book car parking?

  • 2 years

What if I don't receive a booking confirmation at the end of the process or a booking confirmation email?

Can I book reduced mobility parking online?

  • Yes it is possible to pre-book reduced mobility parking online. For further information click here

What methods of payment can I use to pre-book parking online?

  • VISA, VISA Debit, Master Card and American Express

Can I use the same credit card for more than one reservation?

  • Yes, you may use the same card for multiple bookings providing none of the booking periods overlap. Please provide an alternative credit/debit card for each book for verification purposes only.

Do I have to pay a booking fee?

  • No booking fees apply.

Do parking charges at Dublin Airport include VAT?

  • Yes, the parking charges include VAT at 23% (from 1st January 2012)

How are online parking charges calculated?

  • Online parking charges are calculated on a per day/24 hour basis or part thereof. DAA offer a flat rate for both short and long-term parking. Your exit time will be extended to give you the full benefit of the per day parking rate. There is no additional cost for this extra time.
    Express Long Term Red car park
    Enter car park: 9am Monday
    Exit car park: 12am Wednesday
    Pre-booked parking charge: €16.50 (5.50 per day or part thereof)

How do I get the best online price?

  • Get the best online price by pre-booking your parking well in advance of your car park entry date. Demand is high for our lowest priced offers and they sell out quickly so the lowest price offered on one day may vary from what you see on a different day.
  • Our prices are subject to change. Therefore, the price is only valid at the time you get your quote.

I want to make a booking online and to pay in foreign currency using my credit card. How will the foreign exchange rate be applied to my booking?

  • The foreign exchange rate charged to your credit card is applied at the time you make your booking online. This exchange rate is set by your credit card company. DAA receives payment for your online booking only in Euro.

What happens if my credit card doesn't work at the entry or exit barrier of my pre-booked car park?

  • Please press the assistance button located on the entry/exit terminal and a member of staff will be able to assist you.