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To ensure a hassle-free process for reporting noise concerns at Dublin Airport, we offer multiple options for lodging an aircraft noise complaint. Complaints must be submitted within seven days of the incident.

Choose the method that best suits you:


  • Submit your complaint directly on WebTrak
  • Access the Dublin Airport Noise Complaint Form by clicking here.

    Note that for both online methods, you will be required to sign up to our complaints system to submit your complaint. This system will enable a more efficient way to lodge any future complaints using pre-populated fields and will also allow you to track your history of complaints submitted.  


Freephone 1800 200 034 - this automated voice recognition system will allow you to submit a complaint by    following the steps outlined once you call. Please speak clearly and provide all relevant details requested.  


You can print this form by clicking here and post it to the following address:  

Noise & Flight Track Monitoring Service, Energy, Environmental & Utilities Department, Asset Care Base (Landside), Dublin Airport.

Complaints Procedure

Each noise complaint received by Dublin Airport is logged and investigated individually. 

We will respond to complainants in a timely fashion, providing relevant information on the investigations undertaken and the outcome of those investigations. We may also provide additional information where possible on airport operations. 

In some cases, we may request further information from AirNav Ireland (our air navigation service provider) or the Chief Pilot or Flight Operations Manager of the airline. In such cases we would inform the individual of the process and its outcome. 

Further information on how we manage noise complaints can be found by reading our ‘Procedure Policy on Handling Noise Complaints’.

Link will open in a new window Policy on Handling Aircraft Noise Complaints PDF 124 KB

Noise Complaint Privacy Policy:

At Dublin Airport, we value and respect your privacy. Before lodging a complaint, please take a moment to review our Privacy Policy below to understand how we safeguard your information.

Rest assured - your privacy is our priority throughout the noise complaint resolution process. If you have any privacy-related queries, feel free to contact us.

Link will open in a new window Noise Complaint Privacy Policy PDF 116 KB