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Filming & Photography

Filming & Photography at Dublin Airport

Breaking News - accredited members of the media looking to film at the airport for a relevant, current news story should apply for permissions in writing.

Please contact Audrey O’Hagan Media Relations Specialist, with all such requests – Audrey.OHagan@daa.ie. Permissions must be received in writing before any filming / photography can commence. There is no charge for this type of filming / photography.

For all non-news or commercial filming, please email Audrey.ohagan@daa.ie with the following information:

  • Date of proposed filming/photography
  • Time/duration
  • Company representing
  • Crew size/equipment
  • Purpose of filming
  • Areas seeking permission to film/photograph in (T1/T2)
  • Details of public liability insurance
  • Contact details

If your project requires a location agreement please print, sign and return this document. Dublin Airport does not sign external location agreements.

Where actors are being used please provide us with a script and overall description of the project.

Please allow at least three working days for all non-news and commercial requests.

An applicable fee will be charged for all commercial filming and photography at Dublin Airport and Public liability insurance is required.
Filming at a busy international airport provides logistical and security challenges which means that whilst we will be accommodating, sometimes it will simply not be possible to facilitate non-essential filming and photography.

If your request is authorised, you will receive permission via email which should be printed off and shown to any member of airport staff who requests to see it. If you fail to present the relevant permission email, you may be asked to leave the airport.

If you have any questions regarding commercial filming and photography or require further guidance please contact Audrey O’Hagan Media Relations Specialist: Audrey.OHagan@daa.ie

Pay structure for commercial filming at Dublin Airport


  • Filming - €400 per hour
  • Photography - €250 per hour


  • Filming - €650 per hour
  • Photography - €300 per hour

daa retains the right to review and delete if necessary any footage filmed on the airport campus.