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What are the proposed areas for investment at Dublin Airport?

See map of our plans at Dublin Airport below.


Summary of planned investments

Terminals & Piers

Pier 1 in the north of the airport principally serves airlines providing access to Europe. Since its development in 2007, demand for this Pier has grown significantly. It is now proposed to expand the pier and associated apron eastwards to accommodate an additional six aircraft.
The existing security area within Terminal 1 will be re-located to an enlarged T1 mezzanine area facilitating the provision of increased security screening capacity. This enlarged mezzanine will be achieved through the extension of the existing mezzanine to the full width of the terminal. Moving security to the mezzanine moves security from its current location creating space for an expansion of the Terminal 1 check-in area and passenger services including additional ancillary services such as food, beverage, and commercial offerings.
The existing South Apron serves Terminal 2, a hub for long-haul and US Customs & Border Protection (C&BP) for pre-cleared passengers. This area will be expanded to include a new pier which will facilitate three long haul aircraft, a relocated pre-boarding zone and aircraft parking areas, taxiways and apron space. The project will also include development of additional screening lanes within an extended US Customs & Border Protection building and the provision of a passenger boarding zone.


Aircraft stands are where aircraft park. As demand continues to grow there is limited opportunity for development of additional stand capacity around the existing piers and terminals on the Eastern Campus. To meet this demand, new stands are planned on the western side of the airport with associated roads, pavements and ancillary services. No piers or terminal buildings are proposed for this area. These stands will fill an existing gap in the provision of contingency and overnight stands for aircraft parking. It will also free up space to consolidate passenger operations on the Eastern Campus around our current terminals and piers.
The proposed vehicle Underpass of the Crosswind Runway is a critical project for safe and efficient operation of the airfield. The underpass is required to facilitate ongoing safe and reliable vehicle access between the remote West Aprons and the Eastern Campus. It will allow aircraft handlers and fuel transport to continue to service aircraft operations on the West Apron.
Comprehensive drainage infrastructure is required to ensure robust environmental protection and to enhance existing management of surface water and wastewater across the airfield. This investment represents a major commitment by Dublin Airport to environmental protection and sustainable growth.

Airport access & parking

The Ground Transportation Centre (GTC) is the main public transport area within Dublin Airport, located to the rear of the Terminal 1 multi-storey carpark, and inclusive of the future Metrolink station. In line with Ireland’s Climate Action Plan and the Greater Dublin Area Transport Strategy, we are working to support a shift from car use to public transport among both passengers and staff. It is proposed to improve the passengers travel experience by providing improved and safer access to public transportation.

We will consolidate the majority of customer facing busing facilities at Dublin Airport into a single location in the GTC and in as much as possible separate bus, general traffic, and pedestrian movements, to provide priority access to bus stop facilities. We will provide more bay capacity for buses to support the growth of public transport.
With an increase in passenger volume, demand for access and parking at the airport will also increase. Dublin Airport recognises that there will continue to be a need for certain user groups of Dublin Airport to access the airport by car, particularly in the transition period as increased levels of public transport are rolled out. Additional parking spaces in the Terminal 2 multi-storey car park are planned, (some of which is replacement of existing parking capacity displaced by Metro link construction).
Additional long-term passenger car parking spaces at the existing long-term parking to the east of the airport between the M1 and the R132 site. This car park will be proposed on a temporary basis, until Metro link comes into operation.
As Dublin Airport has developed, staff parking has been lost to new developments. This displacement will continue as the airport continues to develop the campus. Dublin Airport, working with Fingal County Council and the NTA, fully promotes public transport and active travel measures for all staff. To support this, it is proposed to relocate the displaced car parking away from the centre of the airport. Staff parking will be proposed to the south of the airport (under a separate planning application) and to the north of the airport (within the Infrastructure Application).