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About the Infrastructure Application (IA)

Why are daa planning investment at Dublin Airport?

Dublin Airport is Ireland’s principal international transport gateway for trade, inward investment and tourism. As an island nation, our connections with the world are vital for our economic prospects.

daa has been mandated by the Government to grow Ireland’s international connectivity in line with national, regional and local policy. This requires us to improve our infrastructure to meet demand, enhance airport access and capacity while ensuring the provision of an improved level of passenger experience.

An increase in passenger capacity to 40mppa is required in order to meet forecasted demand.  In line with Government policy, daa is planning a number of significant investments to facilitate the projected growth of passenger numbers through the airport from 32mppa to 40mppa. This is an opportunity for daa to ensure Dublin Airport can develop as a leading European and transatlantic hub.

What are daa investment plans?

There are a number of infrastructure investments required. The majority of development will take place on the footprint of the existing airport. Along with new airport buildings, this work also includes enhancements of some current infrastructure, enabling existing facilities to be used in a more efficient, sustainable way. These enhancements will create more space within terminals and help to maintain a safe and efficient airfield.

Does the planning process allow for public consultation and how can I contribute my opinion on your proposals?

daa has submitted a formal application for planning permission for the Infrastructure Application, which is available to view on the Fingal County Council website here. The submission period ended on January 29, 2024.

How are daa engaging with the community?

Throughout the lifespan of the Infrastructure Application, we will provide updates on the project on this web page. daa is committed to engaging in open, honest and genuine conversations with our neighbours. We want to make sure that communities are equipped with all the information they need about our Infrastructure Application.

daa understands that a balance needs to be achieved between operating an international airport and the needs of our local communities. This is why we have a long record of engaging with our neighbours about the issues that are of importance to them. In addition to one-to-one meetings and home visits, daa also regularly meets with our local communities via the independently chaired Community Liaison Group and Dublin Airport Environmental Working Group. 

Dublin Airport’s €10 million Community Fund supports local initiatives that focus on environment and sustainability, sports and recreation, social inclusion and community development, health and well-being, and culture and heritage. To date, over 500 local initiatives have received over €2m support from the Fund. This important support and collaboration recognise the role that our communities play in the success of Dublin Airport.

What are the timelines on delivering the Infrastructure Application?

The duration of construction is to be phased across 10 to 15 years. Every effort will be made to maximise opportunities to manage the timing of potential impacts to limit their overall effects. As further detail becomes available on how and when construction delivery will be rolled out, it will be made available to the community and wider public. 

When is it anticipated construction will commence? 

Planning permission is required for the proposed infrastructure upgrades at the airport, so construction cannot commence until permission is granted.