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Dublin Airport Vision

Dublin Airport opened in January 1940 when an Aer Lingus Lockheed 14 departed for Liverpool. Over 80 years on, our mission is to continue the legacy of anticipating the future and create the vision for how Dublin Airport will serve Ireland over the coming decade. Dublin Airport’s national strategic role is to deliver high quality international connectivity for Ireland and become a leading European secondary hub.

Dublin Airport’s Vision seeks to demonstrate a holistic approach to the development of Dublin Airport in the near, medium and longer term. Three principles underpin this Vision, which are to: 

  • Meet the needs of today: continued safe and efficient operation of our national airport, allowing us to provide a good standard of service to our passengers and airline customers, while respecting our local communities and the environment. 
  • Deliver infrastructure for tomorrow: coherent, sustainable and plan-led growth of Dublin Airport to 40 million passengers per annum (mppa) in line with aviation and planning policy at national, regional and local levels in the medium term. 
  • Safeguard for the future: safeguard for future development, ensuring that the way in which the airport develops now does not compromise future airport operations, including provision of a potential future third terminal, if required. Given our national reliance on foreign travel and the pace of change in the air travel industry, daa must set an adaptive framework to allow it to respond to any future requirements in the national interest if so required. 

Read or download our Vision document below.

Link will open in a new window Dublin Airport Vision Report PDF 43621 KB