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Our Values are the glue that binds us together


Brilliant at the essentials

Brilliant at the essentials Dublin Airport values

Whatever our role, everyday we take pride in doing our job to the highest standards, creating an exceptional environment for our customers and for each other.

 In behaviours

  • Exceptional performance
  • Being an expert in my role
  • Being guided by process and thorough
  • Recognise everyday brilliance
  • Thinking as a customer

Respecting each other's value


We work as a team. All of us have a distinct and valuable role to play; we appreciate each other’s diverse contributions and celebrate success together.

In behaviours

  • Finding out about each others’ roles
  • Being considerate, listening and asking questions
  • Collaborating as one team (across functions)
  • Building confidence in each other

Passing the baton, not the buck

passing the baton not the buck Dublin Airport values

We seek solutions before presenting problems and we support each other when we stand up to take responsibility.

In behaviours

  • Trusting each other
  • Supporting each other
  • Encouraging others to take responsibility
  • Finding ways to share problems
  • Thinking ‘how can we help’

Always better

always better Dublin Airport values

We are constantly seeking ways to improve, sharing information and ideas, and always feeling that we have the freedom to ask, ‘how could this be better?' 

In behaviours

  • Listening to ideas and being open about the decisions processes
  • Valuing incremental improvement
  • Recognising that even regulations can be improved
  • Embracing uncertainty
  • Taking smart risks