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Biannual Testing of Dublin Airport’s Instrument Landing Systems

February 23, 2024 Back to all news

We want to advise you about upcoming flight checks which will take place as part of Dublin Airport’s mandatory Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) biannual checks.

Subject to weather conditions, the flight checks will take place on three consecutive nights between 11pm and 6am from Tuesday, February 27 to Thursday, February 29, 2024.

The flights will be undertaken by a small twin-engine aircraft which will make multiple approaches to each end of the North Runway 10L/28R, the Crosswind Runway 16/34 and the South Runway 10R/28L and at no lower than a height of 100 feet. It will then undertake several passes of the runways at c. 50 feet.

daa is required to facilitate these flight checks in order to comply with EASA (European Aviation Safety Authority) regulations, as directed by the IAA (Irish Aviation Authority).

In addition, we wish to advise that Dublin Airport’s South Runway (10R/28L) is being temporarily withdrawn from service to facilitate a daylight inspection between 2pm and 4pm on Tuesday, February 27. During the period in which the South Runway is closed, North Runway (10L/28R) will be used for operations.

daa apologises for any disturbance caused during these checks.