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Air Quality

Air Quality

Dublin Airport is committed to monitoring our impact on Air Quality. The airport undertakes a voluntary ambient air quality monitoring programme. This includes the operation of an on-site air quality monitoring station that measures a range of parameters on a continuous basis, complemented by monthly monitoring, undertaken at 11 locations in communities surrounding the airport.  

Dublin Airport publishes quarterly reports on air quality monitoring to keep our local communities informed, and these reports can be viewed by clicking here. Monitoring results indicate good air quality with concentrations of the main transport related parameters well below the national ambient air quality standards (Air Quality Standards Regulations 2011).

daa continues to implement initiatives to further reduce our impact on air quality whilst also improving resource efficiency on site. This includes the use of electric vehicles, fixed electrical ground power, fuel hydrant systems, improved efficiency of boilers and regularly updating and implementing the Mobility Management Plan.


Community Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations 

On-site Dublin Airport Continuous analyser 

NO2 and PM2

Forrest Little Golf Club
Passive TubesNOBenzene
A2Kilreesk Lane, St. Margaret’s. 
Passive TubesNOBenzene
A3 Ridgewood Estate West, Swords. Passive TubesNOBenzene
A4 St. Margaret’s School and Parish House. Passive TubesNOBenzene
A5Fire Station, Huntstown, Dublin Airport.Passive TubesNOBenzene
A6Southern Boundary Fence, Dublin AirportPassive TubesNOBenzene
A7Western Boundary Fence, Dublin Airport Passive TubesNOBenzene
A8St. Nicholas of Myra School, Malahide Road.Passive TubesNOBenzene
A9Naomh Mearnóg GAA Club, Portmarnock. Passive TubesNOBenzene
A10Oscar Papa Site, Portmarnock. Passive TubesNOBenzene
A11Dublin Airport Bus Depot Passive TubesNOBenzene