A new runway will provide much needed capacity to enhance connectivity for Ireland’s island economy. North Runway can deliver a 31% gain in connectivity by 2034, underpinning Dublin’s position as a leading European Airport, a key European gateway to North America and an even greater driver of sustainable economic growth.

  • Connectivity for tourism, trade and foreign direct investment
    Enabling airlines to expand existing services, add new routes and grow connections to Ireland’s global markets in Asia, Africa and the Americas.

  • Creating and supporting new jobs
    Supporting 1,200 jobs during development and adding 31,200 new jobs by 2043.

  • Growing Ireland’s economy
    Adding €2.2bn to Ireland’s GDP by 2043.

  • Investing in strategic infrastructure
    Previous generations secured lands for a new runway. North Runway is a strategic investment in key national infrastructure for current and future generations.

  • Promoting choice and competitiveness
    By facilitating new airlines and new destinations, North Runway will promote competition and afford a greater choice of routes and airlines for passengers.

  • Reducing delays and congestion
    Passenger growth has reached a level where runway infrastructure is at capacity at peak times. A new runway will minimise delays and ensure sustainable growth.

  • Balancing local and national needs
    Through communication and engagement daa will strive to balance national needs whilst minimising the impact on local communities.

  • Targeting newer, quieter aircraft with lower emissions
    Technological advances mean that newer aircraft are quieter and more efficient. Growth will be driven by these newer aircraft.

Economic Benefits

Dublin Airport positively contributes to the national economy each and every day. North Runway will not only enhance this contribution, it will provide a further opportunity to develop our economy and provide opportunities for additional jobs, tourism, trade and investment. Details of the economic impact of Dublin Airport and North Runway is outlined in two economic impact studies carried out by InterVISTAS Consulting and which are available below.

  • The 2015 Dublin Airport Economic Impact Study states that; ‘A second runway at Dublin Airport is essential to enhancing the connectivity of Ireland, particularly to fast growing economies in Asia, Africa and South America. This will facilitate economic growth in the economy worth 31,200 jobs and €2.2 billion in GVA by 2043, an amount equivalent to a third of the current economic impact of the airport.'
    Click here to view the 2015 Dublin Airport Economic Impact Study

Additional Resources

  • Dublin Airport's North Runway is the most important project that Ireland will build in a generation. The North Runway video clip, which provides more information on its benefits, can be viewed by clicking here.
  • In January 2017 former daa CEO, Kevin Toland, addressed The Institute of International and European Affairs. During his address, he outlined the potential of North Runway to enhance connectivity, competitiveness and growth and also explained the challenges associated with delivering a major national infrastructural project. You can view this address by clicking here.
  • In addition, you can find out how the aviation industry contributes to Ireland's economy and the importance of North Runway to the overall growth of the industry by clicking here.
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