November 30, 2014 Back to all news

Passenger numbers at Dublin Airport passed the 20 million mark this weekend.

The 20 million milestone was reached more than one month earlier this year, due to strong growth in traffic during the past 11 months. Last year Dublin Airport’s 20 millionth passenger arrived at the end of December.

Already this year, more than 1.3 million additional passengers have been facilitated at the airport which is a 7% increase in passengers and the busy December period is yet to come.

Dublin Airport Managing Director, Vincent Harrison said 2014 has been a very strong year for the airport in terms of passenger growth. “This year has been Dublin Airport’s busiest since traffic peaked in 2008 and we’re growing much faster than the European average. The increase in passenger numbers is a result of Dublin Airport’s strong and growing route network, as well as the launch of 24 new services this year.”

“Significant capacity increases and frequencies on a number of routes during the year have also contributed to passenger growth. Transfer traffic is up 38% and is set to reach record levels by year end with over 650,000 passengers to date opting to connect at Dublin onwards to transatlantic, European and UK destinations,” Mr Harrison added.

“Dublin is becoming a significant hub for transatlantic connections and the additional flow of transfer passengers will help the further expansion of services to North America and also to Britain and continental Europe.”

As Dublin Airport prepares to welcome thousands of visitors home for the Christmas season, the outlook for 2015 is also very positive, according to Mr Harrison. “Already 14 new services have been announced for next year to destinations such as Los Angeles, Addis Ababa, Gothenburg, Reykjavik, Washington DC and Paris Orly.”

Destination - Airline

  1. East Midlands,  UK Aer Lingus Regional
  2. Helsinki, Finland Finnair
  3. Los Angeles, USA Ethiopian Airlines
  4. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Ethiopian Airlines
  5. Barcelona, Spain Vueling
  6. Gothenburg, Sweden SAS
  7. Washington DC, USA Aer Lingus
  8. Agadir, Morocco Aer Lingus
  9. Nantes, France Aer Lingus
  10. Reykjavik, Iceland Wow Air
  11. Bournemouth, UK Flybe
  12. Newquay, UK Aer Lingus Regional
  13. Chicago, USA United Airlines
  14. Paris-Orly, France