December 11, 2019 Back to all news

More than 2.2 million passengers were welcomed at Dublin Airport last month, a 1% decrease when compared to November 2018. This is the first monthly drop in passenger numbers since March 2014.

The decline in passenger numbers is due to airlines withdrawing services or reducing capacity on their existing route network to and from Dublin during the winter.

Passenger numbers declined on all route sectors in November except Europe, which recorded a 2% increase as almost 1.1 million passengers travelled to and from European destinations during the month.

Almost 833,000 passengers travelled to and from UK destinations in November, which was a 2% decrease when compared to 2018.

Transatlantic traffic to and from North America declined by 4% with almost 263,000 passengers travelling on this route sector last month. Traffic to and from other international destinations, which includes flights to the Middle East and Africa decreased by 11%, as almost 65,000 passengers travelled on these routes during November.

Passenger numbers on domestic routes declined by 25% with almost 7,300 travelling on domestic flights last month.

So far this year, more than 30.6 million passengers have travelled through Dublin Airport, which is a 5% increase compared to the same period last year. Dublin Airport has welcomed almost 1.4 million additional passengers from January to November.

The number of passengers using Dublin Airport as a hub to connect to another destination has also increased up 5% between January and November, with almost 1.8 million passengers connecting through Dublin Airport during that time.