January 31, 2020 Back to all news

Dublin Airport is following the appropriate public health advice in relation to the outbreak of the coronavirus in China.

The Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC), which is Ireland's specialist agency for the investigation and management of communicable diseases, are the experts in this area and follows guidance from the World Health Organization.

The HSPC has said that given there are no currently no direct flights to Dublin Airport from China or Hong Kong, there is no requirement for entry screening at Dublin Airport.

Further information in relation to the coronavirus is available from the HSPC here.

Separately, there are formal protocols in place in the event of a passenger presenting with acute respiratory infection on an inbound aircraft, and these will be adhered to. 

The HSPC will continue to closely monitor the situation and will keep us informed immediately should there be any change in the guidelines.

We will continue to keep passengers informed with the latest information.