December 22, 2020 Back to all news
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We have launched a handy new feature that allows you to receive flight updates direct to your mobile device via Twitter, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. 

To subscribe for flight alerts , simply select the social media platform of your choice from the small window at the bottom of the flight information page on our website, which can be found here.  

Then follow the simple onscreen instructions to find your flight. 

This new feature will keep you updated on the status of either a departing or an arriving flight. You will receive status updates directly to your phone, with information such as gate number, boarding times, and delays for departing flights. For arriving flights, you will get information such as when the flight is on approach, and which baggage belt luggage will be delivered on. 

Our website also now has a helpful chatbot feature, which will answer many of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) that customers might have. The chatbot window pops up automatically when are on the Dublin Airport website. 

Simply type in your question and we will aim to match your question with the relevant answer. Alternatively, you can browse the different categories to find an answer to your query.

You can also subscribe to flight alerts through the chatbot feature.