October 5, 2021 Back to all news
Almost 1.35m passengers travelled through Dublin Airport in September, a 56% decrease when compared to pre-COVID19 levels in 2019.
Passenger volumes to and from Continental Europe were down by 47% versus September 2019 as 888,052 passengers travelled to European destinations last month.
UK traffic declined by 59% when compared to the same month in 2019 as 341,206 passengers travelled to and from Britain in September.
Passenger volumes to and from North America decreased by 78%, as almost 98,000 passengers travelled on transatlantic routes in the month.
International passenger traffic to the Middle East was down by 80% versus 2019, as 17,000 passengers travelled during the month. 
The number of passengers on domestic routes was down by 43%, as 5,400 passengers travelled on domestic routes during the last month.
Almost 4.3 million passengers have travelled through Dublin Airport in the first nine months of this year, representing an 83% decrease when compared to pre COVID levels for the same period in 2019.