June 15, 2023 Back to all news

An additional 300 taxi permits to operate at Dublin Airport have been issued to make it easier for passengers to get to and from the airport this summer.

The 20% increase in the number of taxi permits in circulation is one of several interventions being made by Dublin Airport operator daa, with the aim of improving standards for passengers. daa has also worked with transport providers to increase the number of active bus routes serving the airport this summer by 15%.

These transport improvements are the latest to be unveiled by daa as part of its comprehensive 15-point improvement plan, launched in March this year, aimed at enhancing the passenger journey for the busy summer and beyond.

The 15-point plan was developed in response to valuable feedback from passengers.

daa is committed to making the journey to and from Dublin Airport easier this summer, with up to 890 bus services, spanning 40 routes, serving the airport each day – an increase of 50 daily services compared to January 2023.

Furthermore, Dublin Airport is actively working with bus operators with a view to adding a further 80 daily services to market over the coming months, subject to licensing and operational resources. These efforts aim to make it even easier for passengers to get to and from Ireland’s busiest airport.

According to Kenny Jacobs, CEO of daa: "We’ve increased the number of taxi permits and bus options for passengers because we understand that being able to get to and from and the airport in a fast and reliable manner is a key part of the airport experience. With passenger numbers now back at pre-pandemic levels, we want to make sure passenger have plenty of compelling travel options.

“Dublin Airport is the largest public transport hub in Ireland and is now connected to 30 counties across the Island of Ireland by bus, with frequent services serving Dublin's main railway stations, including Heuston, Connolly, and Pearse stations.”

In recognition of growing passenger demands, Dublin Airport has issued letters of support to the NTA in 2023, granting stop approval for new and amended services to/from the Airport campus. This proactive approach demonstrates the airport's commitment to meeting the evolving needs of passengers.

Issuing more taxi permits is making a tangible difference for passengers, with the average waiting time for a taxi having fallen to just 6 minutes in the six weeks since the start of May, down from 10 minutes in the same period last year. The percentage of passengers obtaining a taxi within the desired timeframe of less than 10 minutes also continues to improve, increasing to 84% in May 2023 from 78% in May 2022.

daa’s 15-point improvement plan is bringing about a suite of journey-enhancing improvements in the terminals at Dublin Airport. These include quicker security times, with the aim of getting at least 90% of passengers through screening in under 20 minute, faster free Wi-Fi speeds, 400+ additional seats at departure gates, the addition of designated family seating areas, a 20% increase in the number of taxis available, and 15% more active bus routes serving the airport.

Dublin Airport remains dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of the passenger journey and will continue to roll out further improvements over the weeks and months ahead which will greatly enhance the experience for all users of the airport.