July 18, 2023 Back to all news
Getting to Dublin Airport from Belfast just got a whole lot easier with the launch by Dublin Express of a new direct service, which it is estimated will save in the region of 25,000 car journeys during July and August alone.
We were delighted to welcome Minister of State for Transport Jack Chambers to the formal launch of the new service, which will have 16 trips per day in each direction with the first departure from Dublin City/Airport at 05:20/06:00 and last departure from Dublin City/Airport at 00:10 and 01:00.
Dublin Express has convenient pick up and drop off locations overall, with stops in Dublin at Burgh Quay, Westland Row and Custom House Quay, a stop right outside Dublin Airport Terminal 1 and a city centre stop in Glengall St, Belfast - five minutes from City Hall.
Dublin Express’ General Manager Rory Fitzgerald said: “The reaction to the Belfast route from Dublin City is amazing with huge demand from our two prime stops at Westland Row and Custom House Quay. We are bringing a new standard of luxury travel for people travelling to Belfast with pick up options southside of the city centre for the first time ever. When we announced the new service we were blown away by the response selling 14,000 tickets in just under five hours and sales have been going really well since. We estimate that in the first few weeks of operating we’ll be replacing over 25,000 car journeys between the two big cities on the island as a result of people booking to travel on our new service."

According to Miriam Ryan of daa, the operator of Dublin Airport: "The addition of this new route will make it much easier for thousands of passengers from Northern Ireland to get to and from Dublin Airport. A lot of our passengers live in and around the Belfast area and this new service is certain to prove very popular with them. As Ireland's national airport, we're fully committed to increasing the number of public transport options for our passengers and look forward to adding more services very soon."

For full details of all the bus options servicing Dublin Airport, please check out our newly updated "getting there" page on the Dublin Airport website.