August 11, 2023 Back to all news

Dublin Airport is thrilled to share the triumphant success of its exceptional Airport Fire Service (APFS) crew at the World Police & Fire Games 2023, hosted biennially and often dubbed the Olympics of the Police, Firefighting, Customs, and Prison Service communities. The event, a celebration of unity and athleticism, showcased the prowess of Dublin Airport’s APFS team members against a global stage of peers, reaffirming the airport's commitment to excellence.

Held in Winnipeg, Canada, this year's edition of the World Police & Fire Games saw the Airport Police Fire Service entering a team of five dedicated athletes. From their rigorous training grounds at Dublin Airport to the world stage in Winnipeg, these individuals demonstrated extraordinary dedication and passion.

Among them, APFS Officer Mick Gurley emerged as a true champion, securing the Gold in Indoor Rowing. His unwavering determination and exceptional endurance shone brightly as he powered through the competition.

In the realm of Jiu Jitsu, APFS Officer Andy Hutchinson proved to be a force to be reckoned with, proudly bringing home not one, but two Gold and Silver medals. His skill and dedication stood as a testament to the spirit of the Games.

Meanwhile, the Stair Race witnessed a remarkable collaboration between APFS Officer’s Mick Bracken and Eric Flanagan. Their teamwork and determination earned them a collective haul of 4 Silver and 3 Bronze medals. Scaling heights and overcoming challenges, they showcased their exceptional camaraderie and commitment.

Dave Brennan, a powerhouse of strength, narrowly missed out on a medal. However, his awe-inspiring feat of a 295KG deadlift etched his name in history as he secured the World Police & Fire Games world record. This achievement underscored not only his physical ability but also his relentless determination and passion.

Reflecting on these remarkable accomplishments, Dublin Airport Authority (daa) CEO Kenny Jacobs shared his admiration: "Our team's exceptional performance at the World Police & Fire Games 2023 fills us with immense pride. They have showcased the core values of hard work, discipline, and teamwork that define Dublin Airport and the daa. These achievements epitomize the dedication and passion that make our Fire & Rescue service exceptional."

The World Police & Fire Games, held every two years, serve as a beacon of inspiration and camaraderie, uniting law enforcement, firefighters, and police officers from over 50 countries. This global showcase encompasses a diverse spectrum of over 60 sports.