May 30, 2024 Back to all news

Dublin Airport is looking forward to welcoming around 450,000 passengers over the coming June bank holiday weekend.

The four day period between Friday and Monday will see 240,000 passengers departing from Dublin Airport, with 210,000 passengers arriving.

The busiest day this weekend will be Sunday (June 2) when around 117,000 passengers are expected to travel through Dublin Airport.

Dublin Airport's car parks are sold out for this weekend and those without an existing booking are advised to travel to the airport via an alternate mode such as bus or taxi. Spaces will be available in the short-term car parks for people dropping off and picking up passengers.

Passengers are advised to arrive at their terminal two hours in advance of a short-haul flight and three hours before a long-haul flight.

According to Sarah Ryan, Director of Communications at daa: "It's going to be another busy weekend at Dublin Airport and the team are ready to welcome the many thousands of passengers set to arrive and depart this weekend. The peak tourism season is now upon us and our doors are set to welcome tens of thousands of tourists to Ireland from all over the world this weekend.

To help prepare for the security screening process, passengers should visit the Security page on the Dublin Airport website in advance of travelling to the airport.

Ryan added: "Passengers can speed up their journey through the airport by preparing in advance for security screening. While many passengers will get to go through one of the new C3 scanners that we're rolling out in both terminals, the rules around liquids remain the same, meaning all liquids should be under 100ml and enclosed in a sealed clear bag no bigger than 20cm x 20cm. Passengers should also be prepared to take hoodies and baggy jumpers off at security screening, as well as any boots or footwear which extends above the ankle. By preparing smartly in advance, passengers can avoid needless delays."