June 28, 2024 Back to all news
Dublin Airport is looking forward to welcoming around 440,000 passengers this weekend as schools break for summer and with a string of major events in Ireland attracting visitors from all over the world. 
Getting to the Airport:
Passengers departing from Dublin Airport this weekend are advised to be at their terminal two hours before a short-haul flight to the UK or Europe and three hours prior to a long-haul flight.
Travelling to and from the Airport:

Dublin Airport's car parks are sold out for this weekend and those without an existing booking are advised to travel to the airport via an alternate mode.

With a lot of big sporting and musical events taking place in the Dublin region this weekend, the supply of taxis is expected to be under significant pressure. To prevent delays, Dublin Airport advises passengers to take the bus to and from the airport or to get dropped-off/picked-up by a friend or relative.

Spaces will be available in the short-term car parks for people dropping off and picking up passengers. Where possible, passengers should look to book their bus in advance via the booking portal on the Dublin Airport website.

Preparing for Security:

To ensure a speedy journey through security screening, passengers are advised to prepare in advance.

While many passengers will get to go through one of the new C3 scanners that we're rolling out in both terminals, the rules around liquids remain the same, meaning all liquids should be under 100ml and enclosed in a sealed clear bag no bigger than 20cm x 20cm.

Passengers should also be prepared to take hoodies and baggy jumpers off at security screening, as well as any boots or footwear which extends above the ankle. By preparing smartly in advance, passengers can avoid needless delays.

According to Graeme McQueen, Media Relations Manager at daa, the operator of Dublin Airport: 
"It's going to be a busy weekend at Dublin Airport with over 100,000 passengers going through our terminals each day between today (Friday) and Monday. The summer holiday season is in full swing and we're expecting tens of thousands of families this weekend as they head off on their annual sun break. We're seeing Taylor Swift mania in the terminals this week as passengers flock to Ireland from all over the world to attend her huge concerts at Aviva Stadium. Many more are arriving into Ireland to celebrate Pride and also for the All-Ireland Quarter Final matches at Croke Park. We look forward to welcoming everyone this weekend.

"To make your journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible this weekend, passengers are encouraged to plan and book as much as they can in advance of travelling. There is a shortage of taxis operating in the Dublin area, so on a very busy weekend like this where up to 600,000 additional visitors are expected to be in Dublin, it is likely that it is going to be more challenging than normal to get a taxi. The Dublin Airport team will do its best to ensure as many taxis as possible are available at the airport for passengers, but wait times could be lengthy at certain times - particularly late at night and in the early hours of the morning. Where possible, we'd encourage passengers to plan ahead and arrange to be collected or dropped off at the airport or to use one of the 1,000+ buses that service Dublin Airport each day, connecting to all 32 counties on the island," added McQueen.