June 17, 2020 Back to all news

Just over 46,000 passengers travelled through Dublin Airport in May, a 98% drop in passengers when compared to the same month last year as the impact of COVID-19 continued to decimate the global aviation industry.

Passenger volumes to and from continental Europe fell by 99% with 20,000 passengers travelling to and from European destinations last month.

UK traffic declined by 98% compared to last year, with almost 16,000 passengers travelling to and from Britain in May.

Passenger volumes to and from North America decreased by 98%, as just over 6,500 passengers travelled on transatlantic routes in May.

Other international passenger traffic to the Middle East fell by 95%, with just over 3,600 passengers travelling on these routes last month. The number of passengers on domestic routes decreased by 96%, as just over 370 passengers travelled on domestic flights in May.  

More than 5.2 million passengers have travelled through Dublin Airport in the first five months of this year, which is a 57% decrease compared to the same period last year.