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Frequently Asked Questions

PRM Assistance

PRM stands for ‘Person of Reduced Mobility’. A PRM passenger is any passenger who requires assistance to help them on their airport journey and in boarding or exiting an aircraft. 

PRM assistance is support or help that facilitates the safe transfer of a PRM passenger through an airport from their point of arrival at the airport to their point of departure from the airport.

There are a range of supports available; wheelchair assistance using an airport or own personal wheelchair; use of passenger buggy (Terminal 1 only) and assistance getting to and boarding the aircraft. 

Assistance is arranged via your airline, travel agent or tour operator who will book assistance with the Dublin Airport dedicated provider called OCS.   

Please contact and notify your airline, travel agent or tour operator with details of your assistance requirements at least 48 hours in advance of the departure of your flight. It is very important that passengers requiring mobility assistance contact their airline, travel agent or tour operator directly as their onward travel may be affected by the safety rules an airline applies to the carriage of persons with reduced mobility. 

Alternatively, you can pre-book your assistance at Dublin Airport through the PRM Assist Mobile app, which is available  here on the Apple App store and Google Play Store. This assistance booking will be passed on to the airline and our service provider OCS, who will assist you through Dublin Airport. 

  • The OCS Desk in Terminal 1 is located on the departure floor, facing check-in area 11.
  • The OCS Desk in Terminal 2 is located on the lower floor, beside the Aer Lingus check-in desks. 

Yes, you can use your own wheelchair in Dublin Airport.

OCS will assist passengers with luggage when necessary.

Yes, we have several audio hearing loops across both terminals. 

For passengers travelling through Terminal 1 who are departing from Gates 101-121, there is a buggy service available from 05.00-22.00 daily.

No. The assistance buggy does not need to be pre-booked. The buggy can be boarded at a location just before the walk to Gates 101-121 commences.   

Yes, if the passenger informs the assistance provider and has allowed sufficient time ahead of their boarding time in the airport.

Yes, if the passenger informs the assistance provider and has allowed sufficient time ahead of their boarding time in the airport.

If you have separately booked a lounge, you can notify your assistance provider on the day. They will bring you to the lounge and collect you from the lounge at the appropriate time to bring you to your gate for boarding.

If you have separately booked Fast Track, you can notify your assistance provider on the day, and they will facilitate you through Fast Track. 

If you have not booked Fast Track or it is not part of your ticket, your assistance provider will bring you through the standard security queue. 

 Yes, you can bring your assistance dog through Dublin Airport.

Yes. There is room located in the Terminal 2 shopping area, facing Butler’s coffee shop, beside the washroom.  

We do not currently have a facility in Terminal 1. However, the development of such a facility is being explored and will be announced as soon as it is in place.   

Yes, passengers are allowed to bring essential medication and dietary requirements in liquid form of greater than 100ml in volume. A doctor's letter or prescription may be required to certify it is an essential item. 

Additional screening may be required, so please present the items to the Security Officer, and ask for their guidance.  

Yes, you can bring your walking stick/crutches through security. They will be screened along with your other personal belongings.

Yes. There are two PRM changing rooms at Dublin Airport. 

  • Terminal 1: Located before Security Screening in the arrivals hall, beside the Shop & Collect desk. 
  • Terminal 2: Located after Security Screening in the shopping area, beside the washroom.

Yes. Both changing rooms have an overhead hoist. 

All passenger areas are accessible by lift (elevator).  The location of lifts is marked on directional signage across the terminals.  However, if you require assistance locating the nearest lift, please ask a member of staff who can direct you.  Dublin Airport complies with Part M of the Building Regulations and aims to enable and support the independent movement of all passengers.  If you would like information on mobility assistance, please click here.

Car parking 

Pre-booking is available on our website. Before you book, please identify yourself as a Reduced Mobility Driver so we can give you access to the Reduced Mobility Parking (PRM) area and a preferential parking rate.  

Fill in the form here to receive a Person of Reduced Mobility (PRM) code that you will enter during the booking process. 

You can then pre-book your car park space in advance here.

Dublin Airport has more than 90 spaces designated for disabled parking permit holders, located in the two main Short-Term Car Parks, and there are five spaces in each zone of the Express Red Car Park. 

Passengers who require assistance to get from the car parks to the terminal and onwards to their gate can contact OCS our assistance service provider using the help points located in the carparks. Once you advise of your arrival to one of the help points, an OCS team member can come to you and bring you to the terminal.

  • There is drop off/collection zone on the departure road at Terminal 1. 
  • The OCS desk is located just inside the last door, on the left. 
  • There is a drop off/collection zone at Terminal 2.  
  • The OCS desk is located at the check-in area, ground level beside the Aer Lingus check-in area.

Important Flyer lanyard 

Applications are made via our website. We recommend intending passengers to submit applications 40 to 60 days before the date of travel to ensure timely processing and dispatch. Applications received less than 14 days ahead of the travel date will be processed as soon as possible, but receipt of wristbands/lanyards for these applications cannot be guaranteed in time for travel. 

If you are requesting an Important Flyer wristband or lanyard, please be advised you must provide us with a short note from your GP, confirming that the applicant has a diagnosis.   

Please click here and fill in the form that is provided at the end of the page. Please note that we require each lanyard request to be entered individually (i.e. one request per person).

No, the lanyard is to allow our staff at Dublin Airport to recognise if a passenger has a non-visible disability and might require assistance. Please use the Assistance Lane at the security screening area or you might decide to book your Fast Track pass separately. 

We understand that many individuals with autism/non-visible disabilities can find travelling through the airport a very difficult and scary experience. The wristband/lanyard can be used to assist you through aspects of the airport journey more smoothly. For example, it can be shown to the staff at the security or immigration areas to ensure they are aware of the need to complete the process as efficiently as possible. 

Yes, the sensory room must be booked in advance. For more information on this service, please click here.

Yes. All our staff at Dublin Airport are trained to recognise the sunflower lanyard. 

You can request a Sunflower Lanyard through the PRM assist mobile app which is available to download on the Apple App store and the Goggle Play store.

No. The Dublin Airport Important Flyer lanyard/wristband is only recognised in Dublin Airport. 

Please contact the Reduced Mobility Co-ordinator Lorraine Kearney via email at prm@daa.ie. 

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