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Future Factory Robotics Trial

What is the Robotics Trial?

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Dublin Airport’s Innovation Hub is trialling autonomous robots to assist
passengers on their journey.

Each of our four new robotic recruits will carry up to two cabin bags and have space for additional belongings which can be placed there to take the weight off our passengers who utilise them.

Designed with our passengers’ journeys at its core, alongside carrying luggage these robotic solutions will guide passengers to their gate - for the duration of the trial, this will be from post-Terminal 1 security to gates 102 - 119.

Why are we trialling a robotics service?

Providing passengers with options to minimise stressors on their journey through our airport is at the core of this trial. We engaged with over 20 organisations working with people with non-visible disabilities and asked what they found most challenging about their airport experience. As passengers, they want to travel with the same autonomy, dignity, comfort and security that any other passengers without an additional need can.

While there are other supports available in our airports already, you can find out more here, we are aiming to increase options for passengers with non-visible disabilities. This trial is in direct response to the feedback of our passengers who want support, but in a new and autonomous way.

How will this service work?


Service robots are now becoming more widely used in restaurants, bars and hotels. They are also used in airports internationally to deliver food or shopping to passengers at their boarding gate. Our aim is to use proven technology to support our passengers’ needs in a new way.

For this trial, four autonomous robots will be homed post-Terminal 1 security and will be able to carry bags and guide our passengers to their boarding gates in Pier 1. This is the longest walk a Terminal 1 passenger can make post security. Below are the steps to use a robot:

CALL the robot from a touchscreen tablet located at the window behind Terminal 1 security.

WAIT for the next available robot which will arrive within 2 minutes, there is seating available to use while waiting.

LOAD the robot with luggage and select the gate number of the departing flight.

GO with the robot at a comfortable speed. It will advise of facilities available at the gate.

ARRIVE at the gate, collect bags from the robot and avail of our seating or the available amenities.

When is this trial taking place?

We are trialling this service from April.

In May, the robots will be available to members of organisations who volunteered to trial this solution. Our Robotics Team will be offering guided walkthroughs and booking assistance.

In June, the booking service will still be available to passengers with additional needs. All other passengers will be able to call a robot on their day of travel post-Terminal 1 security.

If you would like to find out more, or participate in our trial, please contact robotics@daa.ie.

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